Mother's Musings

Lake view.JPG

Mother is with me when I need her, she feels what I feel. I know she is there for me. She helps me let go of what is not good for me, reminds me that I can't take anything with me. She helps me accept what I need to accept and get rid of what must go.

I listen. Most of the time I do what she says. I like to be stubborn. I like to argue even though I know she is right.

She raised me to be friendly and still stand my ground. She taught me that it doesn't take away from my value to show respect to others. It's easy to forget what she said but she has a way of reminding me.

When I feel put down, when I think I have to be like the "miniature people", when I feel there will never be justice or a solution, I think of her and I find the lightness, and whatever makes me angry and heavy transforms. The rock on my shoulder turns into a pebble, rolls around on the beach, turns into a tiny pebble, finally turns into sand, the sand washes away, goodbye.

It doesn't always work of course. When a certain someone had their foot on my shoulder, that's when it didn't work. Some like to intimidate with their bodies, their weapons, their threats, their lies. I'll tell you about that later.

Lil A