Caught Between the Veil

Hi, my name is Mandy. I thought I was the only one who got stuck inside the UTerritory, but then I found Lee's story in the Hall of Records. She left a message; it's as if it was meant for me.



Where do I stand?

Between two worlds.

How do I land,

On the right side?


Where do I go,

When I'm lost?

With all I know,

It should be easy.


I am torn in two,

Very different worlds.

I am caught in a hue,

Of unbelievable magic.


But that will fade,

And I'll not find my way.

I'll get stuck in the shade,

Waiting for the sun.


Lust, beauty, vanity,

Are on the other side,

Of keeping my sanity.

Just step out the door.


Take a breath, a chance,

At living a life in the light.

You don't need a stance,

To be standing in sight.

Lil A