Secrets of the Amulet

"Most modern amulets are fake, it says, intended to scam gullible people out of their money. There are, however, some amulets and they are charged instruments, so I read. Some believe they can contain residuum of formless energy. In ancient times amulets were seen as magical mirrors. Some occult practitioners still practice the art of seeing into other realms, using a pool of dark liquid or blood as a mirror of darkness. Some amulets are made of onyx and some of black obsidian, it says. Is the coin an amulet? Is it made out of lava rock?

Some amulets work in conjunction with another object. Okay! Some are activated by a word. It says gazing into an amulet unwaveringly for a long time will open a pit or a tunnel. Matter exists in the Holographic Universe, space is not empty, it talks about the hidden medium, some call it the dark energy, the relativistic ether. What is that? It says here that the perception reaches the tunnel as the will directs it to other regions of space-time. Great. I know as much as before.

Supposedly some amulet have great power, and some have names and can have strength independent of its user. It even talks about a tunnel of death and how you can travel up and down as you wish, and there are warnings of the dangers when the living travel too far into the tunnel. Coming back is not always possible, it says."

-- Chapter 3: Lucid, ACT I, UTerritory

Lil A