Why investigate Archetypes?

I can tell you from my own experience that if you investigate archetypes you can see exactly, precisely, clearly where to invest your life energy. You might not be ready, you might not like it, that's your choice. You can act on what you learn or not. We can ignore, hesitate or accept and agree. 

We proceed when we're ready. 

If you work with your archetypes you will not be stuck in some day job that drains you. You will not stay with a partner not right for you. You will not get lost in some addiction and there are many addictions. The archetype steers you away from that. 

We are here to live well. Our archetypes reflect who we are. Shouldn't we know more about them then? Perhaps you'd like to become an Archetype Investigator - like me.

It's a tool that works.

It's better than investing. 

You have your assets already.