A skill anyone can learn.

Archetypes have transformational potential. If you can work with archetypes, learn to recognize them, you will gain new insights about psyche and the nature of reality, change your perceptions and gain clarity.

Spiritual ideological advancement, focus, knowledge, self empowerment can be accessed. Archetypes empower creativity and inspiration by traveling into the deep layers of the psyche.

Like intuition, working with archetypes is a skill.

For me working with archetypes is a means, an inspiring ritual for creative use.

Archetypes allow a profound experience, sharpen perception, widen our perspective. Archetypes can transcend opposites. Like Shamans, we can embark on a visionary journey into the underworld, experiencing death and rebirth, bring back a transformational gift.

There are many modern variations of that journey and the goal is to eventually become fluent in archetypes and symbols. If we learn to expand consciousness and reconnect to our bodies we move easy, almost bounce around between the ever-changing archetypes running through us, rather than getting dragged clumsily by circumstances seemingly beyond our control. We can develop our own management system - like the old Greeks who knew that every God needs to be served or like good actors who are able to bring forth every energy and the right intensity as well.

In every culture there is a map so one can learn one’s way around in the archetypal dimension. Sometimes this energetic work has to do with exploring the opposite, what actors call – playing the opposite. There is always an opposite, the shadow. Or the light, if you move in the shadow. If we are unaware of the opposite it erupts at some point. I think we all know examples.

What is the benefit of learning to work with archetypes? We learn to know ourselves and others better. Once you learn to work that way – there are less automatic reactions.

You learn to step in before you get triggered. 


The Block Island map will do for now