Book One: The Territory Delirium.

The villains are a shape-shifting, demagogic celebrity business tycoon and his daughter. They are the pawns of a secret conglomerate, the Pytharchians, who push the exploitative Human Enhancement Agenda with the aim of recycling humans into efficient energy batteries designed for intense short use.


The Sur-K’thonas are Earth spirits fighting to save humans and the planet from extinction.

Caught in this war is a rebellious eighteen-year-old girl from Brooklyn, Lee. She must find a way to balance these forces before they destroy humanity and the planet.

After finding a magical amulet while visiting her mother’s grave, Lee and her unwitting companion, D, must traverse the Uncharted Territory, a surreal other dimension, to resurrect Surana, the leader of the Sur-K’thonas, and stop the tyrannical Pytharchians from conquering the world and enslaving humankind.

As she learns to use the amulet to navigate the psychological traps and illusory landscapes set in her path by the Pyharchians, Lee discovers more about her inner strength and wisdom than she ever could have imagined.