Book One: The Territory Delirium.

Lee is an 18 year old cynical Brooklyn girl. One day she finds a magical amulet near her mother’s grave.

She becomes embroiled in an eternal war between two supernatural forces. The patriarchal Pytharchians plan to enslave humanity with the Human Enhancement Agenda. She has to awaken an Earth Spirit, the mother of the matriarchal Sur-K’thonas, to save the planet and humans.

She must resurrect Surana, leader of the Sur-K’thonas. Lee and her unwitting companion, D, traverse the Territory Delirium.

The amulet, called Accelarius, connects the Sur-K’thonas to humans. It is a mysterious golden coin with a black obsedian looking glass. Some say it’s connected to soul essence, the Third Eye, something the Pytharchians don’t get. It protects humans so that the Pytharchian parasites cannot control and exploit them. It’s the one thing they lack to rule supreme and they need collaboration of humans.

With the help of her Accelarius Lee learns to navigate the Territory Delirium. She discovers more about her inner strength and wisdom than she ever could have imagined.